Setup a wordpress multisite network on AWS EC2 (2)

WordPress provided the BitNami Multisite stack, but it includes LAMP stack in the install. I don’t want to mess up the existing Apache, so I decided to do the manual install. Plus, it should be more fun to DIY.

Basically the setup followed

Skipped the EC2 Setup. Setting up RDS is easy. The difference from using the EC2 MySQL is here:

Don’t make the wp-config.php from wp-config-sample.php by manually input the localhost MySQL database info.

Instead, go to the mapped URL, which is pointed to the WordPress path via Apache’s Name base Virtual Host. Then follow the screen instruction to create the config file with RDS’ endpoint address.

Then the normal wordpress site should be ready to run.

The next will be two side notes on how to manage the RDS database with phpMyAdmin and how to setup FTP users, then we will come back to the real setting up WordPress Multisite.


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