Seven days without a (any) phone, day one

Day one, cloudy,

(12/??, the first thing I noticed is that when I start writing this dairy on subway, I have completely no clue what date it is today!! and what time it is now!! The biggest function of a half kilo dollar full-loaded electronic device is to replace a time piece…)

The clock in the living room happened to run out of battery in the midnight. 秒针在27分的位置上无助的摆动但没有足够的动能跳到下一格,短针停在3和4之间。


路上不能查email和微信,不知道老板是否发了什么指示,也不能和小情人(们)打情骂俏,连歌也不能听,有点boring. I thought that I would have started noticing the beautiful color of sky, or hearing the singing of the birds. But sorry, that kind of piffany only happens in the movie.

I read Andreev Reflection in Strong Magnetic Fields when I was waiting on the platform instead of playing 植物大战僵尸2. But the absent of phone hasn’t helped to sink my mind into the equations, yet. So I start writing down this. Now is time to change train and re-start the reading. Just to clear all the thoughts keeping overflowing out of my head, today’s plan is:

  1. Finish reading this paper.
  2. Leak test the recovery line (I should probably teach the new student to do it). Then fix all the leaking joints.
  3. Setup the Labview and teach the student the basis, so that he can write drivers for the new Zurich lockin during the weekend.
  4. Call (but I don’t have a phone!!) McMaster-Carr to figure out the components for the bed.

In the end, I finished the reading the second day.

The leak test was a totally failure, the pipe was leaking like a sponge. Why no new students can be as accountable as I was in their age?

Completely forgot about calling McMaster-Carr. But I found most of the components on their website. A good sign!!

It seems that turning off the phone only stopped the distractions. But I still need to learn “first thing first”!


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