Seven days without a (any) phone, day two

Day two, raining,

Hmmm, I started to notice some inconveniences of not having a phone:

  • I can’t check train and bus schedule with google map on the way. (but I can check it on computer before heading out!)
  • I can’t take pictures and videos when something interesting happen (no, I won’t carry a camera around! but normally things happen faster than I can grab my phone and swipe open the camera app, so not a big loss.)
  • I can’t multitask, mainly can’t eat and read at the same time. But maybe this is good for my stomach, and I looked at the beautiful ladies on the nearby table a few more times.
  • The coming weekend we are going to Long Island, I might have to turn on my phone for the GPS. I would love to try to find the place by my instance, but my wife might not approve that…

I thought that there were a few more instances that I missed the function of smart phone, but I can’t recall them now when I start writing. Maybe after all they are not that important to me.

Well, of course people started to complaint that they can’t find me. But that’s not a bad thing :p

I do from time to time have the itches of wondering what’s going on on my wechat and whether I missed some message from beautiful girls. 但瘾越大,说明中毒越深,要戒。

这也证明了behavior engineering的威力。



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