VNC and ssh port forwarding

This is a note about how to setup a ssh proxy jump connection to allow terminal access and VNC based desktop access: ssh ssh localhost ------> proxy ------> target ^ ^ using using mykey mykey In my case, the localhost is a Mac laptop, the proxy and target are ubuntu servers. Creating id_rsa in localhost … Continue reading VNC and ssh port forwarding


Setting up MXNet on macOS with Conda

MXNet is another open source deep learning framework picking up speed after the success of TensorFlow and PyTorch. Amazon and Microsoft is acting as driving force behind it. It is main selling point is "scalable", i.e., designed with cloud computing and distributed parallel computing in mind. Since it is not yet as popular as TF … Continue reading Setting up MXNet on macOS with Conda

Setting up Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 3B+ (1) – wifi setup

I used the PINN to install the Arch Linux on the SD card. The process is quite straight forward. Here's the link to the PINN project: After installation, I need wifi to get on internet. Arch Linux provides a nice wiki covering every aspects. Here's a stripped down version of what's needed on a RPi3b+. Device … Continue reading Setting up Arch Linux on Raspberry Pi 3B+ (1) – wifi setup

Django modelformset is powerful!

I spent two days trying all kinds of non-sense trying to setup a form for entering the temperature profile steps. In the end, it turns out using modelformset is so easy! No need to setup extra form for each model. No need to keep tracking which form is initialized by which object.  Two lines take … Continue reading Django modelformset is powerful!

a Saturday morning reflection

A few year back, a friend opened an art gallery for about half an year. It didn't prevail. This morning it came across to my mind. As a witness to history, I can see several more things now from what I learnt between now and then. The focus has been placed around art rather than on art. … Continue reading a Saturday morning reflection