Dumpling and Christmas (3)

previously on Dumpling and Christmas: (1), (2) Physics in dumpling stuffing making When you minced the meat and vegetable and want to mix them together, every experienced dumpling maker will give you the same tips: stir it in only one direction, don't revise. Otherwise the stuffing won't stick together. Do you know why? The stickiness … Continue reading Dumpling and Christmas (3)


Dumpling and Christmas (2)

previously on Dumpling and Christmas: (1) Different cooking philosophy Here comes the interesting differences between Chinese cooking and Western cooking. When we came to US, my wife and I were amazed by the similarity of baking a cake and doing a chemistry lab. Every step involves calculation and measurements. The result can be strictly predicted … Continue reading Dumpling and Christmas (2)

Dumpling and Christmas (1)

Celebrate Christmas with Chinese dumpling making party Dumpling is an world-wide food. Christmas is a widely observed western holiday. In Chinese tradition, dumpling (Jiao Zi) is a food for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). Around the world, Christmas is associated with the coming of a new year. As a Chinese living in United States, … Continue reading Dumpling and Christmas (1)