Django modelformset is powerful!

I spent two days trying all kinds of non-sense trying to setup a form for entering the temperature profile steps. In the end, it turns out using modelformset is so easy! No need to setup extra form for each model. No need to keep tracking which form is initialized by which object.  Two lines take … Continue reading Django modelformset is powerful!


On the 80th Birthday Symposium in honor of Daniel Greenberger and Myriam Sarachik

Do you really want to live in a world so simple that we can actually understand? - Daniel Greenberger, Professor in Physics

Valentine’s day, measuring love

I saw the news about Mars-One project a few days ago. I was immediately fascinated by its beauty. It's certainly the kind of cause I have always believed in. However, the thought of leaving my wife for the rest of my lifetime didn't feel right. I would only be able to see her through delayed video … Continue reading Valentine’s day, measuring love

What is physicist?

Physicist is a group of people trained to seek answers, if the answers have no means to be reached within existing framework, we build new tools and open up new ways to reach out to new space.

Dumpling and Christmas (3)

previously on Dumpling and Christmas: (1), (2) Physics in dumpling stuffing making When you minced the meat and vegetable and want to mix them together, every experienced dumpling maker will give you the same tips: stir it in only one direction, don't revise. Otherwise the stuffing won't stick together. Do you know why? The stickiness … Continue reading Dumpling and Christmas (3)