Valentine’s day, measuring love

I saw the news about Mars-One project a few days ago. I was immediately fascinated by its beauty. It's certainly the kind of cause I have always believed in. However, the thought of leaving my wife for the rest of my lifetime didn't feel right. I would only be able to see her through delayed video … Continue reading Valentine’s day, measuring love


Don’t repeat yourself, unless with style.

Don’t repeat yourself (DRY) Every distinct concept and/or piece of data should live in one, and only one, place. Redundancy is bad. Normalization is good. The framework, within reason, should deduce as much as possible from as little as possible. In most occasions, repeating is a waste of energy and resources. When we do need to … Continue reading Don’t repeat yourself, unless with style.

Dumpling and Christmas (2)

previously on Dumpling and Christmas: (1) Different cooking philosophy Here comes the interesting differences between Chinese cooking and Western cooking. When we came to US, my wife and I were amazed by the similarity of baking a cake and doing a chemistry lab. Every step involves calculation and measurements. The result can be strictly predicted … Continue reading Dumpling and Christmas (2)