Dumpling and Christmas (1)

Celebrate Christmas with Chinese dumpling making party

A delicious dumpling
Christmas in United States
Christmas in United States

Dumpling is an world-wide food. Christmas is a widely observed western holiday.

In Chinese tradition, dumpling (Jiao Zi) is a food for the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year). Around the world, Christmas is associated with the coming of a new year.

As a Chinese living in United States, I am always trying to find a mixing experience of the two cultures. This year, we celebrated the Christmas in a traditional Chinese way: dumpling hand making party.

Geometrically, dumpling can be defined as an object with a grounded meet/vegetable core surrounded by a dough envelop. Topologically, it is the same as Chinese Bun (包子), Wonton (馄饨) and Tangyuan (汤圆).

So, to make dumplings, we need both dough and the stuffing.

To be continued, tomorrow 8 pm, Dumpling and Christmas (2) 


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