What have you seen in the movie Les Miserables? (NO spoilers)

Some mumbling

Les Miserables movie poster
Les Miserables movie poster

A classic, always has the ability to resonate with the reader’s personal life and experience. Thus it echos, and extends the audience’s view in time and space via the author’s eyes.

I confess, I haven’t read the original Victor Hugo‘s Les Miserables. From what I knew and what my friend told me, the novel gives much more in depth details of that period of history and politics. The movie is a remake of the musical show, which is very selective on content due to the limit of stage presentation methods, while the movie put back some missing parts from the book, with the advantage of screen techniques. It would be interesting to compare the movie with the show, to see the difference in the expressive methods of the two media forms.

The movie focused on the major characters’ journey of “redemption” and growth. It’s definitely a very moving 2.5 hours ride. But it lacks the grand and magnificent view of the historical background I was expecting, and the book is said to able to deliver. I should really find a time to read the book.

Back to the movie, what I saw (No spoilers, please, I hate them.)

  • When I walked out of the theater, if there’s only one thing staying in my head, it is the paternal and maternal love. So obviously, the author believe that the familial love makes this miserable world worth living on in.
  • The lovers’ love, both bitter and sweet, both heart melting.
  • The faith, religion or political, both with a great power to comfort a soul and inspire another soul.
  • The question of “who am I?”: A question asked by all the major characters in the movie, and every human asked at some point.
  • The question of “what is justice?”: Justice is a ruler. It is made by man. Its definition changes with people, also with time.
  • The fight: fight for living, fight for dignity, fight for love, fight for freedom, fight for justice, fight for faith, fight for others, fight against others, fight for self, fight against selfishness.
  • The Paris: Movie has the unique advantage to give visual impacts. The beauty of the architecture is a blast!

Have you watched it? What have you seen?


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